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Perfume gift

Looking for the perfect gift?
How to find a gift for my darling, for my super dad, or even a perfume for my mom...
Discover our selection of gift ideas full of love all the way from FRANCE!

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The perfume of a bright, mischievous and full of surprises woman.


Enveloping and addictive, Love Mood is a fragrance full of sweetness, delicately sprinkled with a touch of regressive indulgence. It plunges us into a magical universe where almond and fruity accord mingle with marshmallow.


Sparkling and romantic, Paris reverie is an eau de parfum with a delicately powdery and musky floral heart. This luminous floral bouquet will adorn you with an aura full of elegance.


An Eau de Parfum full of cheerfulness and vitality with fruity, gourmet and woody dimensions. Toscana vita is inspired by the Tuscan countryside in the heart of summer, where sunny apricot orchards rub shoulders with winding paths lined with cypress trees.