About Us


adopt ': a new way to wear perfume



Our perfumes are 100% created and made in France!

We develop our perfumes with quality raw materials, harvested to the best of their olfactory potential, with carefully chosen essences, and by relying on the know-how of our partner artisans in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

The exclusive choice of noble raw materials

Gourmet vanilla from the Antilles, voluptuous Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, delicate roses from Morocco picked just hatched ... adopt 'privileges whenever she can what nature has most precious to offer us. With a rate of perfumed concentrate serving notes that are both light and intense, the Adopt 'Cologne elixirs are created and made in France, with a selection of 90% natural ingredients!


The Stages of Making a Perfume adopt'

At adopt', we offer you an accessible price...

Founded by Dominique Monlun, a well-known French perfumer with 35 years of perfume experience. He hoped that perfume should be joyful without burden, so he abandoned the gorgeous packaging, and replaced with the colorful and vibrant label on the test tube bottle. On top of that, he put all the focus on the most authentic fragrance making technology, breaking the expensive price of perfume and providing high-quality products at the affordable price of RM68. The high-quality perfumes of adopt allow you to mix and match with your mood changes freely.


My Mood My Perfume

Whether you are citrus and freshness, cotton and softness, fruit and pleasure, in adopt Malaysia, we offer a range of more than 20 fragrances to allow you to find your happiness according to your desire of the moment, mood, or different occasions!

Stay Dazzling with Adopt’

With its handy packaging, you can easily slip into your handbag or your pocket, retouch the scent whenever you like, or layering them to get different scent according to your mood and occasions. Just think of which fragrances will I be today?

Bespoke Scent

You're empowered to freely layering 2 - 3 perfumes and create a personalized scent that represents you!

No clash scent with others. You are who you are! Be unique!